Iconic Virgin Islands Jewelry

The Caribbean hook bracelet is an iconic piece of jewelry that is an amazing way to commemorate your vacation and time on St. John. Lots of locals wear the bracelets, and visitors love taking back a wearable and meaningful piece of St. John with them.

Both men and women wear these signature island bracelets and they come in a range of materials including gold and silver variations and even titanium. When worn with the hook facing in, the wearer is in a relationship, when worn with the hook facing out, the wearer is single. (They’re a great way to tell if someone is taken or not!).

There have been numerous times when we’ve traveled (ranging from New England to even Greece!) when a stranger has come up and commented on our hook bracelets and exclaimed, “Have you been to St. John?” because they recognized the bracelet and were donning one of their own. Such a fun way to always be tied back to the magical island of St. John.

There are a few versions of the hook bracelet, including the St. John “J” Hook, which is available at Caravan Gallery in Mongoose Junction. One of the most well-known hook bracelets comes from Freebird Creations located right next to the ferry dock (your first and last stop on St. John). Right down the road from the ferry dock in Wharfside Village is Bamboo Studio, another local jewelry company whose studio and workspace are right across from the shop, so you can even see the pieces being made! Lots of locations to find a Caribbean hook bracelet that fits your style and budget!

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